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Jennifer works in an office tower in the master-planned community—The Woodlands. She’s the senior manager, facilities management, at one of the largest and oldest healthcare companies in the world. As someone who started her journey in this company’s mailroom, Jennifer could see patches of a bright future through a lens fogged by diverse facilities management challenges when the healthcare company relocated its three different divisions into one corporate office. To begin with, Jennifer and her team were quick to spot that the CRE and Facilities Management team and associated departments were using 58 apps and technologies from different vendors. These multiple technologies and apps created roadblocks and resulted in an incongruent user interface for employees, significant collaboration issues, and an inability to centralize and analyze data. Consequently, facilitating communications between FM, IT, and HR became daunting. Despite the economic constraints and the challenge of ‘doing more with less,’ Jennifer sought a solution that could elevate the experience of the employees and patients, and the customers visiting the workplace.

Jennifer and her team finally cracked the code to streamline their technologies and deliver effective solutions. Today, she appreciates that their new 528,000 square-foot facility has transformed into an employee- centric digital workplace. The healthcare company now has the infrastructure to ensure that HR and IT information is directly pulled into the loop. The team embraces a digital FM stack that combines workflow tools, space management, and more and leverages data from operational systems to perform intelligent research. As a facility manager, Jennifer could not aspire for a simpler life. Her colleagues and staff are empowered with a seamless work experience, HR reconciliation reports, TCO by floor plan, mobility and hot-desking, and decreased response times. Additionally, the Facilities Management department has become the go-to source for metrics and data analytics, and the RE division has been surpassing employee experience expectations.

One might wonder: what made this too-good-to-be-true transformation possible?

The brainchild behind this phenomenal feat is iOFFICE, which specializes in creating the most responsive, frictionless workplaces through space planning, employee experience, and asset management SaaS solutions. iOFFICE draws on its extensive history as innovators of workplace management systems to help organizations stay abreast ofthe ever-changing workplace trends. The company goes beyond the traditional integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) to equip its clients with the next generation of integrated experience management solutions (iXMS). “As a people-centric company, we focus onhelping people live a richer and more enhanced life, both at workplace and outside of the workplace. We help them optimize their workplace and asset performance. In doing so, we combine people, places and datawith our technologies to create an enhanced workplace experience,” states Mark Peterson, president, and CEO at iOFFICE.

For Jennifer and her team, iOFFICE was beyond an FM tool, allowing HR for headcount planning, risk management regarding their assets, and sending work orders to its third-party service providers. When it comes to modern workplace management, iOFFICE is in a league of its own.

With a single, interactive platform, iOFFICE brings together various aspects—from facility asset management, facility maintenance, move management, space management, strategic facility planning, and more—to simplify the facilities managers’ lives.
  • We combine people, places and data with our technologies to create an enhanced workplace experience

As a RELIABLE PARTNER with a proven track record, iOFFICE understands the needs and challenges of a modern workplace better than most solutions providers in the market today. More than 8,000 customers worldwide rely on iOFFICE to create “smarter workplaces and better employee experiences.”

Reimaging Facilities Management

Be it facilitating creative collaboration or setting the workforce in constant motion, or even establishing a facility to attract top talent, iOFFICE emphasizes that such accomplishments are made possible through dramatic changes to where and how people work. The company enables facilities managers to drive strategic actions to support a tech-savvy, collaborative workforce and improve the return on fixed assets. iOFFICE’s iXMS connects employee experience and operational efficiencies across the board to harness the physical environment’s full potential. Keeping in mind the agile, cloud-based work environment that employees operate in and their changing expectations, iOFFICE’s iXMS squarely focuses on workplace experiences and integrates client’s existing technology with IoT sensors and artificial intelligence. “A building—be it a convention center, a medical facility or an office complex— provides multiple functions and ways to interact with the space. The advent of sensor technology, big data analytics and machine learning has created the opportunity for us to make the workplace experience richer and more fulfilling than what it’s been in the past,” informs Peterson. With iXMS, a distributed workforce in an organization can seamlessly find people, reserve space, request service, and receive mail, visitors, or essential communications. The solution facilitates room reservations, conference room scheduling, visitor management, and more. iXMS also comprises a wayfinding system to help visitors and employees navigate the workspace with digital displays and interactive kiosks with ease. “One of simplest examples would be having a monitor in the cafeteria, which informs employees about the wait time, or finding a parking spot in the parking garage. The simple yet effective feature helps them save substantial amount of time and make their day more efficient,” adds Peterson.

Besides, facilities management departments can leverage iXMS to manage inventory, mails, and packages, optimize their printing and copying jobs, and more. Employees can access all these services and can manage their day at their facilities through the iOFFICE Hummingbird employee experience app on their mobile devices. As a one-stop-shop for managing employee experiences at work, iOFFICE Hummingbird collects real-time data and allows leaders to manage their workforce and plan for the future—from absolutely anywhere. The enhanced employee experience supports higher retention, greater productivity, and a better bottom line.

When it comes to technology deployment, iOFFICE’s native cloud-based technology is easy to deploy and presents a cost-efficient way for customers to reap the benefits. The cloud-based solution is also highly scalable, focusing on growth in tandem with client’s business requirements.
“Over 8000 companies today use our technology delivered from the cloud, in a multitenant environment. We are also revolutionizing the way these technologies have been delivered in the past—as on premise or perpetual license solutions. The fact that the solution can be deployed in a multitenant environment allows multiple customers operating out of the same environments, which in turn provides us with insights to provide an enhanced experience uniformly across our customer base,” states Peterson.

Faring Well Amid Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the growth for many businesses, for iOFFICE, it presented an untapped opportunity to create safer and healthier workplaces. Peterson observes that the pandemic has brought attention to the importance of having a healthy and safe work environment. To that end, the company has kept close tabs on how the spread of COVID-19 has transformed facility management and maintenance. From disinfecting workplace with hospital-grade standards to preventing infection to sanitizing buildings, iOFFICE is harnessing the power of new technologies (sensor-based technologies for intelligent and on-demand cleaning) and advanced equipment to enable facility managers to see real-time data on how their space is being used. “We ensure that the spaces are safe. In doing so, a great deal of attention is being placed on the air quality, health and safety checking, validating that people entering your workplace are healthy, and are not bringing the COVID-19 disease into your workplace, replanning their space with social distancing parameters and more,” he adds. With a new product feature, Space-Right™, iOFFICE has been instrumental in designing a safer workplace and help users set physical distancing parameters with a simple slider, instantly reconfigure floor plans, map scenarios, and reassign desks.

The Future of Facilities Management

iOFFICE’s rapid ascension to success since its inception in the early 2000s can be credited to its dedicated leaders who have been at the forefront of the tech revolution. The decades of industry experience of the executive team is a winning differentiator of the company, attracting potential clients for partnership. The uniqueness of iOFFICE’s solution also stems from its ability to empower customers with quantified data. This data visualization capability has been pivotal in turning information into actionable intelligence. In a nutshell, iOFFICE’s cloud-based platform is all about creating a frictionless employee experience through effective management and maintenance of billions of assets from anywhere, anytime, while also saving time and cost. It does not come as a surprise that this reliable performance has led to a 98 percent customer retention rate for the company.

The multilingual product available in multi-currencies has successfully made its way to more than 80 countries. However, the folks at iOFFICE are not the ones to rest on their laurels. The company is bullish about their business growth in the days to come and explore more prospects for the business. With no plans of slowing down, iOFFICE is constantly adding new features to its software to enhance the user experience, integrate with new technology, and help customers make sense of workplace data. “We are squarely focused on helping people achieve the great value of a workplace experienceby bringing intelligence spaces that perform their intended function better with our technologies than they could have done earlier,” concludes Peterson.
- Michael Rosario
    May 17, 2021
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Houston, TX

Mark Peterson, President, and CEO

iOFFICE specializes in creating the most responsive, frictionless workplaces through space planning, employee experience, and asset management SaaS solutions

"We are squarely focused on helping people achieve the great value of a workplace experience by bringing intelligence spaces that perform their intended function better with our technologies than they could have done earlier"

- Mark Peterson, President, and CEO

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