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Over the decades, the construction arena has undergone several disruptive changes that have empowered the industry to better build and maintain their buildings. Today, every construction project is specially designed to deliver a final result that stands the test of time. Moreover, newer tech-driven solutions continue to raise the level of quality assurance building managers, product manufacturers, and other relevant parties have on the construction and long-term maintenance of their projects. As a result, the construction sector is witnessing a boom in clientele looking to build robust enclosures for their high value assets (data centers, art galleries, pharma products, and more.). However, the tight deadlines combined with the requirement to comply with stringent mandates concerning water and airproofing is hindering construction firms from delivering the desired result. Addressing this challenge with its portfolio of structural monitoring solutions is Canada-based SMT Research. “We embed our state-of-the-art sensor technology within walls and roofs during construction to assist our clients in effectively keeping track of their building’s structural integrity at all times,” says Jason Teetaert, co-founder and VP of business development at SMT Research.

Founded in 2006 with a mission to enhance the quality assurance of building projects, SMT Research has since carved out a significant footprint in the global construction market. Currently, the company offers the most advanced envelope monitoring solutions alongside its online monitoring portal where it collects project data, allowing owners to run comparative studies and improve building standards for future projects. SMT Research’s prime offering is its DigiSCAN 360° solution, which scans roofs for pinholes and penetrations prior to it being covered with overburden. “Often laid during the early stages of a construction project, the waterproofing work is damaged by other contractors; SMT’s DigiSCAN technicians find all that damage and act as an active partner throughout the building process,” explains Teetaert. At the same time, SMT Research embeds its sensors into the roofing membrane to facilitate future inspections of the roof membrane without the need for overburden removal.
Teetaert further mentions the active-passive monitoring options offered by SMT Research’s sensor technology.

SMT sensors can be installed in a passive (dormant) state called “Futurecast” which can be activated at a later date for leak investigation, as part of the scheduled building maintenance and can be upgraded to an actively monitored system with SMT’s signature “Building Intelli”.

With respect to client onboarding, SMT Research offers a combination of its solutions with support and training offerings to allow waterproofing contractors and roofing consultants in effectively scanning the roofs and walls in all their projects. “We equip our clients with the tools, training, and know-how to enable them in leveraging the full potential of our portfolio in a way that works best for them,” adds Teetaert. For instance, some of SMT Research’s clients are using DigiSCAN to enhance their quality assurance programs and membrane contracting services, while others are leveraging it to comply with local regulatory mandates. On the investigative side, the company sells turnkey offerings (including sensors, cabling, junction boxes, electronics, and all other necessary devices) to consultants and researchers, among others, to monitor and evaluate a building’s performance in real time.

With such unmatched capabilities, SMT Research has ignited several success stories with telecom carrier firms seeking to protect their data centers in the best possible way. According to Teetaert, a number of these projects are still ongoing with its offerings showing continued success in helping roofers, contractors and product manufacturers catch the minutest breaches in membranes. “We have monitored millions of square feet, in which our automated system scans membranes every 10 minutes with the sensors embedded within the roof system, taking readings and sending alerts when a breach is detected to the building manager,” states Teetaert. Above all, SMT Research’s advances in moisture detection technology, and building monitoring sensors has helped the company gain a competitive edge over its contemporaries with respect to delivering the most robust and long-lasting membrane systems.

Over the last year, SMT Research completed the billion-dollar Javits Center expansion of the Manhattan Convention Center while continuing its work in states across the U.S. and Canada throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the company is looking forward to its 15th anniversary and spreading further awareness of the difference its portfolio can make in transforming the overall construction industry. Simultaneously, SMT Research aims to continue equipping its clients with the tools and know-how that will empower them in delivering the results that align with their evolving client specifications and emerging regulations.
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SMT Research

Vancouver, Canada

Jason Teetaert, Co-Founder and VP, Business Development

Provides analysis and monitoring solutions for monitoring the building enclosure - leaks, moisture, and performance

SMT Research

"Often laid during the early stages of a construction project, the waterproofing work is damaged by other contractors; SMT’s DigiSCAN technicians find all that damage and act as an active partner throughout the building process"

- Jason Teetaert, Co-Founder and VP, Business Development

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