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Top 10 Intelligent Building Solution Companies - 2021

The confluence of the Internet of Things (IoT) with building operations is creating a significant opportunity for building owners, operators, and occupants to create smart, digitally connected spaces that support the people. It is estimated that the global market for the Internet of Things in Buildings (BIoT) will rise up to $154.1 billion by the year 2025. Indeed, the real estate industry is uniquely positioned to implement the technology, using IoT-enabled building management systems (BMS) to make building performance more efficient while also leveraging sensor-generated data to enhance building user experience.

A fully integrated, IoT-enabled BMS can leverage one infrastructure to operate all building management solutions and require minimal to no manual involvement. Internet protocol-enabled devices can expedite intelligent decision-making by automating point decisions and improving strategic insights. This allows data to automatically flow around the information value loop without manual interaction, allowing quick action on the data and creating new value for commercial real estate organizations. In creating value through information generated by connected systems, IoT applications can not only improve efficiency but provide new opportunities for differentiation and even new revenue.

At this juncture, many intelligent building solution providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the property sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of the emerging intelligent building solution providers. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues pertinent to the real estate sector by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Intelligent Building Solution Providers –2021,” and “Top 10 Intelligent Building Emerging Companies – 2021.”

    Top Intelligent Building Solution Companies

  • Intellihot designs, manufactures, and assembles tankless water heaters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications—the first to do so entirely in the United States

  • iOFFICE specializes in creating the most responsive, frictionless workplaces through space planning, employee experience, and asset management SaaS solutions

  • PointGrab has developed CogniPoint—a highly advanced facility management sensing solution, which is steadily transforming as the cornerstone of a flexible workplace. The CogniPoint IoT platform leverages highly intelligent image-based sensors and a cloud-based management systemto provide deeper insights into occupant behavior for better space utilization.As a result of this, facility owners and managers can streamline their human resource management as well as optimize the allocation of physical resources such as workstations, meeting rooms, lighting, HVAC, and more – thereby bringing forth significant cost-savings and improved building efficiency

  • Smarter Security has a strong history and foundation of understanding entry control problems and knows how people expect their buildings, lanes, and lobbies to be secure. Blending hardware innovation with the latest technology trends and software, Smarter Security offers a range of entrance and access control solutions, such as Fastlane® Optical Turnstiles, SmarterAccess, SmarterLobby, SmarterManagment, and Risk Adaptive Software for smart buildings to operate securely. The company’s SmarterESP, enterprise security platform, uniquely integrates disparate systems and sensors throughout the building. When prescribed combinations of concerning events are detected, it automatically triggers your prescribed responses. Another offering by Smarter Security is Door Detective® that detects tailgating and unauthorized access anywhere within a building’s interior doorways

  • Provides analysis and monitoring solutions for monitoring the building enclosure - leaks, moisture, and performance

  • Xicato designs and develops high-quality spot and linear light sources that enable architects, designers, facilities managers, and building owners to create beautiful, connected, smart spaces

  • JMS Integrated Building Solutions

    JMS Integrated Building Solutions

    JMS is a company that specializes in building automation systems. Its solutions and collaborative approach connect people to buildings, allowing for greater control and increased productivity. Its open, non-proprietary technologies allow device, data, and people connectivity. Its integrated systems allow the construction of buildings that provide comfort and connectivity. It ensures operational efficiency from mobile connections to data and insight into building operations on a single, seamless building operations network

  • Lutron


    Lutron Electronics is a technology-based company that produces a wide range of energy-saving lighting products. Lutron Electronics is a technology-based company that produces a wide range of energy-saving lighting products. Dimmers, motorized shades, and automatic control solutions are among the products offered by the company. Lutron Electronics, headquartered in Coopersburg, Pasadena, was founded in 1950

  • SkyFoundry


    SkyFoundry is a game-changing emerging technology that converts smart device data into business solutions. The goal of SkyFoundry is to provide software solutions for the internet of things age. Building automation and facilities management, energy management, utility data analytics, remote system and equipment control, and asset management are all areas of focus. SkyFoundry products assist consumers in getting the most out of their investments in smart systems. SkyFoundry is an abbreviation for SkyFoundry SkySpark Analytics is an energy management and building operations tool. SkySpark converts the massive amounts of data found in intelligent building systems into usable knowledge. SkySpark detects and reports issues, trends, and faults in building and energy systems, guiding operators to problems that need their attention

  • SoftDEL Systems

    SoftDEL Systems

    Softdel creates smart, connected products that power the industrial Internet of Things. Softdel, established in 1999, is a specialized technology company that collaborates with global market leaders to develop smart and connected products that power digital transformation. Softdel's dedicated team of 150+ professionals offers software products, technical services, and product design consultancy through several service lines such as Building Automation, Smart Lighting, and Industrial Automation. Softdel's products and services add enormous value by assisting our clients in the following ways: - introducing differentiated products in a smart and connected environment - reducing time-to-market with high-quality design, integration, and pre-built software modules/stacks - react to ever-changing consumer demands by innovating faster and having versatile business models

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