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Mike Barbera, President, Intersect ManagementMike Barbera, President
The business case for “Intelligent Building” is clear. The concept of Intelligent Building harnesses the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT)—connectivity, sensors, and the cloud—to remotely monitor and control a range of building systems from heating and air conditioning to lighting and security systems. More importantly, for the end consumer, the satisfaction of intelligent building experience is at a whole new level. It, therefore, becomes quintessential for stakeholders to supplement a plethora of essential prerequisites—akin to sustainability, technological awareness, and flexibility—with a highly competent partner. With the aim to secure the optimal wellbeing of a smart habitat, Intersect Management nestled in “America’s Finest City”, San Diego, CA, utilizes their vast experience based on an array of cognitive technologies to help its clients to monitor and adjust their personal preferences. “You want ideas to make your buildings cost-efficient and more sustainable to operate, while at the same time increasing their attractiveness to customers, tenants, and end users,” says Mike Barbera, the President of Intersect Management. The company works in conjunction with its clients, touching upon broader business objectives and project needs.

Offering Possibilities for Integration

Comprehending on Barbera’s remark, it is easy to understand that a decision taken without sufficient planning and development in the construction of an Intelligent Building can result in project delays and wasted capital. Intersect aims to identify the business case to produce a strategic brief.
The company provides in-depth insight, identifying key strategic drivers and objectives alongside evaluating new and emerging technologies. These insightful fundamentals are incorporated into the planning process to establish an Intelligent Building strategy. Alternatively, the clients might not necessarily have the internal resources and experience in-house to manage their real estate needs, or, the necessity to leverage a professional firm that specializes in real estate solutions. “The implementation of forward-thinking technological solutions to meet project/client objectives, while improving on sustainability and flexibility, is a core principle in the Intersect wheelhouse,” adds Mike.

Intelligent Building Consulting

One of the critical components to the technical design phase is to present the options—related to the improvement of air quality, lighting, and temperature—in common language to its residents.

Intersect Management brings together a group of consultants, project managers, and integration specialists to address the challenge, ensuring a choice of solutions that seamlessly integrate with end-user requirements. By leveraging the core competencies of its members and partners, Intersect works to further develop and integrate buildings into the fabric of Intelligent Building to advance convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. As project managers, the team at Intersect possesses a specialized set of skills pertaining to highly technical environments and mission-critical sites to implement several intelligent building projects in its marquee venue which sets them apart from their competitors.

Intersect firmly believes that adopting Intelligent Building strategies can streamline operations, reduce operational costs, and maximize the control of private functions. Whether it is a goal towards improving upon facilities management or yonder or embracing a user interface that promotes personal comfort, Intersect can assist. Effectively, by taking a new approach to user experience, Intersect provides a high level of ownership and personalization, helping stakeholders’ ability to recruit and retain the best, most productive people. Bolstered by achievements, Intersect holds a proven track record for assisting in the adoption of PoE (Power over Ethernet) strategies. With Ethernet, system integrators can rely on the universal language of TCP/IP over a converged network to troubleshoot devices aiding in proactive, low-cost facility management.

When appropriately designed, Intelligent Buildings can become more efficient, secure, and productive—that can continuously improve over its lifetime. As more companies begin to notice the benefits above, it will be essential for developers to have the professional expertise of someone as experienced as Intersect. In 2020, in the ever-evolving IT and IoT based world, Intersect plans to spin-off a new division called Intersect Mission Critical, in order to meet the demand for intelligent building worldwide.
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Mike Barbera, President

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