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Top 10 Intelligent Building Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

In today’s fast-growing world of today, successful organizations understand that technology must be a part of the operation’s bedrock, informing, shaping, and monitoring every decision. The construction industry has undergone an unparalleled transformation in planning, growth, and innovation by bringing technology to the forefront, and the credit goes to IoT. Industry players connected the dots of innovation and creativity successfully, which led to the discovery of the Intelligent Building. This network-enabled intelligent building management system enhances the building environment for the occupants while controlling the costs and also empowers the end-user security, accessibility, and control.

In order to help organizations who struggle to adopt this solution, Construction Tech Review brings forth a comprehensive list of the leading solution providers. These solution providers support environmental safety and conservation with their solutions and make it easier to automate and control the buildings, on the other hand. The advent of intelligent building technologies is enabling the construction world with cost-effective operations. It will surely be a helping hand in passing-on better earth for the next-gen.

We hope this edition of Construction Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a healthier future.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Intelligent Building Consulting/Service Companies – 2020”

    Top Intelligent Building Consulting/Service Companies

  • Intersect Management is a Project Management and Commercial Real Estate Consulting Firm offering services to several industries, including corporate office, higher education, government, and more

  • The Hunton Group specializes in intelligent building management and control systems. The company strikes the right balance between infrastructural intelligence metrics that constitute energy efficiency, comfort, productivity, and security, delivering customer-focused solutions. It strives to understand what clients aspire to do through intelligent systems in a simplistic manner. The Hunton Group adopts a one-to-one strategy while engaging with clients; wherein, it helps them “identify how to understand data sets” to fulfill their business objectives or create newer goals that provide a higher degree of comfort and security to the tenants

  • Alpha Controls & Services

    Alpha Controls & Services

    Alpha Controls & Services installs new systems and retrofit existing ones through a full-service organization that helps clients maintain their facility systems and operations at optimal levels. Delivering advanced technologies formulated to make buildings comfortable, efficient, and secure their solutions today directly impact the working environment at nearly a thousand facilities. Alpha credits its ability to develope exceptional client-tailored solutions to the commitment and dedication of its employees. Through the use of open systems technologies, the team, along with the customer, delivers integrated building solutions for any new or existing facility

  • Connect IT Service

    Connect IT Service

    CONNECT IT Service is a Team of IT services professionals committed to meeting all client expectations in terms of service delivery, quality, timing, and costs, so business performance is optimized. The company has been providing design, installation, and operational support for IT networks, nationally, for more than 13 years. Using CONNECT IT Service means their clients get the people, performance, the quality expected. They charge competitive rates while offering superior services to clients in all markets. Because their work is excellent, it brings added value to the client’s businesses through effective and detailed project planning, management, and execution

  • Gardiner


    GARDINER is a full-service HVAC, energy solutions, and professional services company. The company proudly serves the area's largest commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. The enterprise provides HVAC Systems, Mechanical Equipment, Building Automation & Controls Systems, Boilers, Energy Solutions, Parts & Supplies, and technical training. It offers a wide array of professional services, guaranteed energy-saving projects, or even exterior lighting or renewable power resources like wind and power. The company with more than 30 years of experience works with clients directly to solve their building challenges, from simply replacing HVAC equipment to constructing a mini-grid to power an entire campus

  • i.e.Smart Systems

    i.e.Smart Systems

    Established in 2000, i.e. Smart Systems customize infrastructure solutions for every type of company in every industry, no matter how big or small. Universities, oil and gas campuses, banks, and commercial industries leverage its advanced capabilities in network cabling, voice cabling, fiber optic cabling, data centers, wireless networks, conferencing systems, presentation platforms, security systems, and much more. The company’s specialized teams in the audio-video (A/V), cabling, and security provide insight, strategy, and support to achieve your overall vision. Its operational savvy and advanced estimating software guide clients’ project to stay on track and within budget

  • IBW Advisors

    IBW Advisors

    Established in 2018, IBW Advisors is a consulting firm dedicated to helping facility owners and managers navigate the processes associated with purchasing an in-building wireless antenna system. The company’s services include a methodology to right size clients’ projects based on current and future wireless connectivity objectives, selecting contractors and equipment vendors, and providing project deployment oversight from project beginning to end. IBW Advisors is dedicated to supporting its clients in making cost-effective and informed decisions regarding the procurement and deployment of in-building cellular (DAS) and public safety radio networks

  • Immedia


    Immedia is a full service integrated technology company with core areas of expertise in everything related to audio-visual and control systems. The company specializes in integrated design and installation for commercial, educational, and residential environments. Providing design-build, project management, installation, advisory services, and ImmediaCare support, the company delivers creative and cost-effective applications to solve for all building and home technology demands. The enterprise has extensive experience in various low voltage appliances such as network-connected devices, security cameras, access control, mechanical system control, building automation, digital signage, and sound systems

  • Integrated Facility Services

    Integrated Facility Services

    Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Fenton, MO, Integrated Facility Services’ team of talented engineers and skilled technicians design, build and manage sustainable HVAC and facility solutions. Their goal is to ensure occupant safety and comfort, save energy, optimize systems performance, and reduce operational costs throughout the lifetime of a building. At Integrated Facility Services, more than 200 professional and trade employees proudly partner with client facility teams in the Midwest and around the country. For over 50 years, the company has provided a wide range of mechanical engineering and building services, including HVAC, plumbing, building automation controls, fire protection, 24-hour service, and more to its customers

  • Optimized Systems

    Optimized Systems

    Optimized Systems (OS) is a specialty engineering and energy sustainability firm. Their primary mission is to help building owners and operators achieve the optimum balance of occupant comfort and energy efficiency in their new and existing buildings of all types and sizes. The company also provides independent third-party commissioning, design reviews, energy analyses and audits, measurement and verification services, energy metering and analytics, custom energy dashboards, system assessments, and capital plans for budgeting equipment replacement. For clients with limited operating budgets, OS provides a variety of facility support services, including troubleshooting MEP systems, remote system monitoring, alarm response, development and implementation of preventative maintenance programs, and training for facility staff

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