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Top 10 Intelligent Building Solution Providers - 2020

In today’s fast-growing world of today, successful organizations understand that technology must be a part of the operation’s bedrock, informing, shaping, and monitoring every decision. The construction industry has undergone an unparalleled transformation in planning, growth, and innovation by bringing technology to the forefront, and the credit goes to IoT. Industry players connected the dots of innovation and creativity successfully, which led to the discovery of the Intelligent Building. This network-enabled intelligent building management system enhances the building environment for the occupants while controlling the costs and also empowers the end-user security, accessibility, and control.

In order to help organizations who struggle to adopt this solution, Construction Tech Review brings forth a comprehensive list of the leading solution providers. These solution providers support environmental safety and conservation with their solutions and make it easier to automate and control the buildings, on the other hand. The advent of intelligent building technologies is enabling the construction world with cost-effective operations. It will surely be a helping hand in passing-on better earth for the next-gen.

We hope this edition of Construction Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a healthier future.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Intelligent Building Solution Companies -2020.”

    Top Intelligent Building Solution Providers

  • Budderfly offers an integrated, multipronged energy management solution that brings together over 20 different technologies applies them to achieve unprecedented savings. With its Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS)model, Budderfly ensures immediate energy savings with no out-of-pocket costs. The company offers businesses a simple, powerful solution for energy management by providing 100% of the capital and performing all of the installation, maintenance, and upgrades such as superior HVAC, LED lighting, Budderfly IOT sensors, and renewable energy sourcing. This lets organizations focus their own money on their business, enjoying the benefits of energy and cost savings without risk or worry

  • Facility Solutions Group (FSG) is a company, which is well-positioned as a trusted advisor that offers smart solutions to every aspect of the facility operations, from lighting and HVAC to metering and IoT sensors. Its Smart Buildings division is leading the charge in terms of intelligent building solutions and its wide range of the solutions has brought forth a revolution in the construction industry. The company with an expertise of over 37 years in the lighting and electrical industry aims to eliminate the facility management stress for its clients and allow them to focus on their core business and goals

  • 75F


    The smart HVAC solution of 75F makes commercial buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient. Using the Internet of Things, 75F harnesses the power of the cloud and packs it into smart control devices to make people more comfortable. Their self-optimizing system does all the work while the clients enjoy comfort and savings. Their automated controls system works with a variety of heating and cooling equipment – like rooftop units, boilers, single-stage equipment, and more. 75F’s easily-deployed solutions eliminate inefficiencies, provide precise temperature control, improve air quality, and bolster your bottom line, right out of the box

  • Automated Logic

    Automated Logic

    Founded in 1977, Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) provides innovative building automation and control systems. The company designs and develops intuitive, intelligent, complete controls and interfaces to help drive smart decisions that optimize building performance. With the combined strength of company-owned as well as independent distribution, the ALC network delivers control products and services, including energy management, temperature control, lighting control, and facility management. Built on the BACnet backbone, ALC systems and services integrate the strengths of multiple subsystems to provide custom solutions that meet a client's energy and comfort objectives

  • Avi-on Labs

    Avi-on Labs

    With decades of experience in industrial networking and IOT technology, Avi-on has built a unique, patented platform based on Bluetooth with Mesh technology. It liberated the fixture from the circuit, and the switches from the walls, along with mobile and web-based management tools that liberate the customer from the tyranny of programming and maintenance. Its Simple Bluetooth Lighting Controls combines simple, reliable devices, state of the art enterprise-grade remote management, and natural configuration with any smartphone or tablet. The vibrant Avi-on ecosystem is growing with new products and partners every day, providing easy to use solutions

  • Belden


    Founded in 1902, Belden offers high quality, end-to-end signal transmission solutions, and delivers a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the mission-critical network infrastructure needs of industrial, enterprise, and broadcast markets. The company’s customers across all its brands can rely on what it builds to outperform and outlast in the most demanding conditions. The company also supports its customers with uncompromising and responsive service. Its innovative solutions are targeted at the reliable and secure transmission of rapidly growing amounts of data, audio, and video needed for today’s applications. The company is headquartered at St. Louis, Missouri

  • cohesion


    cohesion is a software platform that provides real estate owners and operators with actionable intelligence to optimize portfolios via connected operations and communities. It enables tenants, operators, and owners to interact seamlessly with the places, spaces, systems, assets, resources, and communities of their office building for higher productivity and connectivity. Clients leverage cohesion’s secure and IoT-enabled software, where the end-to-end integrations provide endless feature possibilities at their fingertips. The team adds value through its products and services by building meaningful connections inside the built environment to ensure true interoperability

  • Iota Communications

    Iota Communications

    The goal of Iota is to help businesses leverage technology and connectivity to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and advance sustainability. Their dedicated carrier-grade network is purpose-built to enable low-cost, long-range connectivity in even the most challenging of environments. The connectivity powers a data collection, analysis, and visualization process that provides actionable insights, drive sustainability and profitability, and positively impacts planet Earth. Their success is shared and stems from their culture of teamwork and collaboration among the stakeholders and partners and a sense of commitment, honesty, and determination among their employees

  • Silvair


    Silvair is a leader in Bluetooth-based smart lighting technologies and the leading contributor to the Bluetooth SIG’s Mesh Working Group. It offers a qualified Bluetooth mesh stack and flexible lighting firmware packages that enable manufacturers to join a globally interoperable lighting control ecosystem. Silvair supports professionals involved in lighting design implementation with efficient and intuitive tools for commissioning large-scale connected lighting systems. Its remote maintenance and management tools enable instant adjustment of any operational parameters and rapid identification of major operational issues. Its firmware solutions can be implemented into a variety of LED lighting and sensor components

  • Xicato


    Xicato develops and designs light sources and electronics that help architects, designers, facilities managers, and building owners to create beautifully, connected, smart spaces. Xicato’s light sources have set the standard for quality of light and are installed in thousands of locations around the world. Xicato’s Bluetooth lighting controls are installed in a wide range of areas and are integrated with a variety of luminaires and building management systems. They deliver cost savings from installation through operation, and providing scene-setting capabilities that are second to none

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